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What's New in MedCalc 3000

New in version 13.3

Pretest probability of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (4-T's score)
SMART COP Score for Pneumonia Severity
SMRT CO Score for Pneumonia Severity

New in version 13.2

7.5-Year Risk of Acquiring Diabetes Mellitus
Endocarditis Diagnostic Criteria -- Modified Duke Criteria
Energy Loss Index and the Severity of Asymptomatic Aortic Setnosis

New in version 13.1

5 Year Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Type I Diabetes
Acute Heart Failure Prediction Based on NT-proBNP and Clinical Features
Behcet's Syndrome Iran Criteria Arithmetic Method
Chest Pain Score
Clinical Pulmonary Infection Score (CPIS)
COPE Statistic Adding Cost to Number Needed to Treat
DVT Probability: Primary Care Rule Including D-dimer
Injury Severity Score (ISS)

New in version 12.4

BAP-65 prediction of in-hospital mortality and need for mechanical ventilation in COPD
Chest Pain Risk Assessment in Patients with Normal Troponin and No ST-T Changes
International Prognostic Index for non-Hodgkin lymphoma

New in version 12.3

Padua Score for Assessing Venous Thromboembolism Risk in Hospitalized Patients

New in version 12.2

Diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide (DLCO) corrected for anemia

New in version 12.1

Chronic Kidney Disease 10 Year Risk Score
Cirrhosis Probability in Hepatitis C (APRI)
Cirrhosis Probability in Hepatitis C (Bonacini discriminant score)
Cirrhosis Probability in Hepatitis C (FIB-4)
Cirrhosis Probability in Hepatitis C (GUCI)
Cirrhosis Probability in Hepatitis C (Lok index)
Cirrhosis Probability in Hepatitis C MultiCalc
Kowasaki Disease Kobayashi Score
Mantle Cell Lymphoma International Prognostic Index (MIPI)
Pulmonary Embolism Severity Index (PESI)

New in version 11.4

Coronary Artery Disease Risk Clinical Assessment (Duke study)
Heart Failure Diagnosis
Multinational Association for Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) risk index for patients with neutropenic fever

New in version 11.3

Fractional Excretion of Magnesium (SI units)
Fractional Excretion of Magnesium
Mangled Extremity Severity Score (MESS score)

New in version 11.2

Body Surface Area (Gehan & George Method)
Mortality risk in post-operative patients with cirrhosis (SI units)
Mortality risk in post-operative patients with cirrhosis
NIH Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index
Sokal score for chronic myeloid leukemia
Solitary Pulmonary Nodule Malignancy Risk (Veterans Affairs model)

New in version 11.1

Base Excess Determination
PASI Psoriasis Area and Severity Index

New in version 10.3

Bedside index of severity in acute pancreatitis (BISAP) score
Blatchford Score for Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Crohn's disease activity index (CDAI)
Glasgow alcoholic hepatitis score
Glycemic Assessment
Harvey-Bradshaw index of Crohn's disease activity
Mayo Score for Assessing Ulcerative Colitis Activity
Oxygen Saturation Estimate from PO2
Rockall Score for Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Waist to Hip Ratio

New in version 10.1

Alcohol Consumption Screening AUDIT Questionnaire
Framingham Point-Based Risk Score  [2010 outdated]